Field Installation
The Self-Tuning Piano System can be installed in any acoustic piano by your tech in just a few hours. No permanent modification of the piano is necessary. The system could even be removed with no trace that it was ever there.
Tiny, clip-on coils are added to each string between the bridge and the hitch pins.  These inductively drive the tuning process and tune the strings by changing their temperature without even touching the string! 
A sustainer for each note is then added directly over the strings. These magnetically and invisibly sustian the string without contacting it (as if drawing a magnetic violin bow across them) and measure the pitch.
Once the system is installed you can tune your piano any time you like...once a week, once a day, once after every piece you play. It is activated by a remote control fob. When activated, a small motor will lift the dampers and the strings will begin singing in groups.
Tuning the Piano
The system will then silently and automatically tune every single string in the piano. When it is finished, the singing will cease and the dampers will return to their normal position. The piano is now ready to play. The process takes about two minutes.
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